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Planning for Families and Individuals in Riverside, California, and the Surrounding Areas

The attorneys at MOYNIHAN LYONS strive to maintain positive personal and professional relationships with our clients, helping to effectively resolve their legal and tax issues. We represent individuals and families with their will, trust and estate & Gift tax planning, estate and trust administration, powers of attorney, advance medical directives, titling of assets and designations of beneficiaries, and asset protection. We take a client-centered approach to address each client's specific and unique goals and needs, to provide tailored estate planning solutions that make sense for the client. The firm is happy to serve the needs of clients for both simple and complex estate plans. We also represent and advise executors, trustees and beneficiaries in all aspects of estate and trust administration. Our practice includes the following:

Foundational Estate Planning

There are many legal strategies involved in estate planning, including wills, revocable living trusts, irrevocable trusts, durable powers of attorney, and health care documents.

Planning for Young Families

It is an unfortunate fact of life: airplanes plummet, trains derail, ships sink and automobiles crash. Sometimes there are survivors, sometimes there are no survivors. What is left when a tragedy claims both parents of minor children? Orphans and assets.

Probate & Estate Administration

Probate and estate administration are the processes through which estate assets are transferred after death. Assets to be transferred under terms of a will go through probate. Assets transferred outside of a will, such as by operation of law, or those planned for in a trust are handled through an Administration process. Administration also refers to the process whereby assets are transferred state law when there is no will. We can help make the process easier, more efficient, and provide peace of mind during a difficult time.

Medi-Cal Crisis Planning

Finding and affording quality care on short notice can be stressful and draining. We can help you determine the best options for care and how to qualify for Medi-Cal to help finance them.

Estate Tax Planning

Historically speaking, the federal estate tax is an excise tax levied on the transfer of a person's assets after death. In actuality, it is neither a death tax nor an inheritance tax, but more accurately a transfer tax. There are three distinct aspects to federal estate taxes that comprise what is called the Unified Transfer Tax: Estate Taxes, Gift Taxes, and Generation- Skipping Transfer Taxes. Legal planning to avoid or minimize federal estate taxes is both a prudent and an important aspect of comprehensive estate planning.

Charitable Planning

We encourage and assist the tradition of giving to charitable causes, including the employment of tax-advantaged strategies that maximize the value of your gift. We help clients make charitable gifts and practice good stewardship in the most tax-efficient manner.
Learn more about Charitable Planning.

Special Needs Planning

Special Needs Estate Planning focuses on providing for the special needs of our loved ones with disabilities when we are no longer there to organize and advocate on their behalf. Parents of children with special needs must make careful estate planning choices to coordinate all of the legal, financial, and special care needs of their children – both now and in the future.

Asset Protection

Asset protection planning involves making prudent decisions today to protect yourself, your business, and your hard-earned assets from loss due to lawsuits, creditors or bankruptcies. Find out how we can help you protect your assets today.

Business Succession

Family businesses are the backbone of the American economy. From agriculture to services, technology and manufacturing, family businesses generate an estimated one-half of the U.S. Gross National Product and pay half of all wages earned in this country. Find out how we can help you preserve your family business.

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  • Incorporation / LLC Formation
  • Business Succession and Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Deed Preparation

While we limit our areas of practice to best serve our clients needs, we feel that an important service we offer to our clients is the ability to refer matters in many areas in which we do not practice. We are able to find and evaluate attorneys who practice in the areas that we do not, and in whom we have confidence. We have certain standards on how we work and how we treat our clients, and we expect those standards to be maintained on our referrals.

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