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Advanced Estate Planning in California

Planning for Families and Individuals in Riverside, California, and the Surrounding Areas

Wealthy families often require more comprehensive and sophisticated planning to achieve their goals. If you are a wealthy family, your needs may range from ensuring the most tax efficient methods of transferring your assets to your children and grandchildren to making sure that the continuation of your family business is not threatened by the death of a key person.

Control & Management

Most of our clients share a primary goal of maintaining as much control over their assets as possible during their lifetimes without exposing their estates to unnecessary taxation. Wealthy individuals often find that it is advisable to begin transferring their wealth before death in order to minimize potential estate tax consequences. But sometimes they worry about giving too much money to their children without proper safeguards. Perhaps you would like to be able to guide the next generation so that they can become competent stewards of your wealth.

We help you determine the best ways to make those transfers without jeopardizing what you have worked so hard to accumulate.

Laureate planning at Moynihan Lyons PC ensures that the net worth you have built is protected and that the assets you pass on are sheltered from unnecessary estate or income tax. Laureate planning guards your assets for future generations.

Laureate planning incorporates the Integrated Plan. This plan builds on your family’s foundational plan and utilizes a process of review, design and implementation. The review includes coming to a deeper understanding of family dynamics, needs and desires to develop recommendations. You are then taken step-by-step through the preliminary and final plan design to tailor the plan to your unique needs. After the plan is designed, we supervise and coordinate the implementation of the plan. Recommendations, including fees and time tables, are outlined following a thorough review of your family and estate information.

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