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Kate Miller

Riverside Estate Administration Legal Assistant

My name is Kate Miller, and I am Estate Administration Legal Assistantthe Estate Administration Legal Assistant at Moynihan Lyons, PC. My duties include preparing petitions, accountings and other appropriate legal documents for Probate and Trust Administration.

My parents are attorneys, and I started working for them at the age of 14. My mother practiced Family Law and my father practiced Probate, Trust Administration, and Estate Planning. I joined Moynihan Lyons, PC after they retired in 2018. It was their love for providing care to individuals in need that guided me to continue to work in the field of law. For more than 18 years, I have helped individuals and families with Probate, Trust Administration, and Estate Planning, as well as, Dissolution of Marriage

Through my interpersonal skills, my goal is to reduce the level of stress for clients during their difficult time.

I live in Riverside with my three children.