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Cat Is Fighting for Her Inheritance?

The fortunate cat has starred in magazine spreads, had makeup lines named in her honor and is the inspiration for the novelty novel Choupette: The Private Life of a High-Flying Fashion Cat.

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Beneficiary Designation
Beneficiary Designation

What Should I Know about Beneficiaries?

Whenever you open a financial account, you’re almost always asked to name a beneficiary. Simply stated, a beneficiary of the account is someone who is entitled to the benefits of the account, typically, on the death of the account holder. If you’ve purchased life insurance, for example, you name a beneficiary who receives the benefits of the policy when you pass.

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beneficiary designation
Beneficiary Designations

Does a Beneficiary of a Trust Have to Pay a Tax?

Beneficiaries of a trust typically pay taxes on the distributions they receive from the trust’s income, rather than the trust itself paying the tax. However, these beneficiaries are not subject to taxes on distributions from the trust’s principal.

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