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Is It Time for a Pre-‘Check-out’ Checkup?

Second honeymoons are definitely romantic. A third is even more so, unless maybe if each was with a different person. Nothing wrong with that, but it is a game-changer. The will or agreement you wrote 20 years ago, which maybe you have misplaced or forgotten, may not reflect your current thinking — or soulmate.

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Should I Let The State Write My Will?

Death is not a favorite conversation topic. However, we all know it is something we must at some point discuss. The loss of a close friend or family member, or an event, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, seems to bring the topic to the forefront.

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What Does Pandemic Estate Planning Look Like?

The coronavirus pandemic has certainly caused havoc and concern for many people, particularly in regard to their health and their finances — and these two areas intersect in estate planning. So, if you haven’t drawn up your estate plans yet, or you think they may need to be revised, now may be a good time to act.”

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Surviving Spouse
Elder Care

Why Can’t Doctors Recognize this Form of Dementia?

Lewy body dementia reached the public eye in 2014, after reports that Robin Williams died with diffuse Lewy body disease. However, despite the fact that Lewy body dementia is the second most common dementia, it remains frequently unrecognized.

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